Can Cannabis Aid People Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury?


What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain as a result of an external force’s impact to the head. This impact disrupts normal brain function and may lead to a loss of consciousness, or being dazed and confused. Concussions are considered one form of a TBI and repeated TBI’s can result in chronic and sometimes permanent impairment or losses of physical ability.

5.3 million Americans are living with a long-term disability as a result of  Traumatic Brain Injury.


How can cannabis help?

Amazingly, cannabinoids have shown neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory effects! CBD helps prevent the release of proinflammatory ctyokines which are released after brain drama and cause damage. This inflammation greatly complicates the injury and cannabinoids can help prevent it! After a traumatic brain injury, the body may release toxic chemicals that cause further harm by introducing oxidative stress and inflammation. This can result in neural death and permanent loss of function or death.

Medical Marijuana Inc. states and cites its sources “Cannabinoids have been shown to act on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannibinoid system, which in turn prevents the release of proinflammatory cytokines that are released after brain drama and cause damage (Panikashvili, et al., 2006). Activating of the CB1 and CB2 receptors also has been shown to stimulate the release of minocycline, which reduces brain swelling and neurological impairment, and diffuses further injuries to the brain’s axons (Lopez-Rodriguez, et al., 2015) (Biegon, 2004).”

Not only can cannabis help with immediate complications from TBI’s, it can also help reduce some later symptoms of the injuries such as nausea, depression, loss of appetite, mood swings, and insomnia. The cannabinoids THC and CBD have been known to help combat all these ailments without inducing harmful side effects and without the need for additional medications!

Manna Molecular wants to help

If cannabis has helped you overcome TBI complications we would love to know and help share your story. This plant continues to amaze us every day and we’re very proud to get people the medicine they want in a safe and effective method. Each transdermal cannabis patch provides lasting relief from up to eight to ten hours. The potential for cannabis as medicine for TBI still needs to be further studied to be confirmed. Over 52,000 Americans die every year from TBI complications and we would love for this safe medicine to help reduce that.